Boarding Services

We understand the concerns associated with leaving your cat in someone else’s care.

We offer two floors of boarding and our rooms are the most private and spacious in the area. All of our boarding accommodations feature window views, perches for resting or climbing and areas for privacy.

Our boarding operations are segregated from all other hospital activities, exam rooms and the reception area which provides for a completely peaceful environment for your cat.

Our accommodations are designed to meet anyone’s needs:

Luxury Suites – These are considered our standard accommodations but they are far from ordinary. They offer 95 cubic feet of space and were designed using our years of boarding experience. Luxury Suites can house up to 2 cats.
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Penthouse Rooms – Located on our first floor, each Penthouse Room is unique and provides up to 484 cubic feet of space. Penthouse 2 offers full window views and Penthouse 3 features a transom access door that connects 2 Luxury Suite sized rooms.

Townhouse Apartments
– Townhouse Apartments are easily the largest, most exclusive boarding accommodations for cats available in our area. They were created to meet the needs of our clients who have multiple cats and require longer stays.

Click here to see floor plans of our boarding areas and detailed dimensions of our accommodations

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Separate food and litter preparation areas allow for a clean and efficient way to ensure that our guests are well fed and their accommodations remain clean. A custom designed air quality system operates throughout the boarding area to maintain a healthy air flow.

For the comfort of our guests, we regularly treat our boarding areas with Feliway – a popular pheromone therapy product we feature in The Just Cats Store that gives cats a sense of security and well-being.

We provide bedding and the essentials for all of our guests but encourage you to bring any items you feel will make your cat feel more at home. During their stay, your cat will enjoy a premium diet of B.F.F. (Best Feline Friends) or Dave’s canned food and Royal Canin dry. Or, if you’d like, we welcome you to bring the diet and treats your cat is accustomed to.

Our Boarding Attendants and Technicians follow a strict feeding, cleaning and monitoring regimen. We look after your cat’s health and behavior using our proprietary kennel card and tracking system. This information is recorded regularly to create an ongoing diary of your cat’s boarding experience. Any unusual observations or concerns are immediately brought to a veterinarian’s attention.

We invite you to visit us anytime to take a tour of our boarding facility, familiarize yourself with our accommodations and meet some of our guests.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Boarding Policies and Procedures prior to your cat’s stay with us.