Just Cats Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1991 by Dr. David Bolotin with the idea that superior feline health care would be achieved with a staff and facility dedicated entirely to cats.

Originally named The Feline Veterinary Practice, Dr. Bolotin started doing house calls while an old bank building was renovated into our original facility. The name was simplified in 1992, and Just Cats opened a 2200 square foot practice at 1110 East Main Street in Stamford.  


In 1997, we added a second floor for boarding and administration and another exam room on the main level. However, the space and its limited parking capacity did not allow us to meet the demands of our growing practice, so we started to search for a new location.
In 2010, a much larger building located within 1/8th of mile of 1110 East Main Street became available. Feasibility, engineering, and architectural studies were undertaken by local architect Hiroshi Nagajima. We determined that the building at 1029 East Main Street building was ideal to meet our needs. Initial renovations were completed in October of 2011.

We are extremely proud of our history, growth and new location, which we believe to be the largest and finest feline exclusive facility anywhere.

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