Veterinary Services

Just Cats offers complete feline medical and surgical services.


Our facility is well staffed and equipped to provide all levels of feline health care from routine preventive to intensive care in a clean, low stress and comfortable environment. We feature a full range of modern diagnostic equipment including digital ultrasonography and radiography and blood analyzers allowing us to make rapid assessments.

We establish quick, accurate and cost effective health evaluations and make the best treatment recommendations possible. We pride ourselves in excellent communication with our clients. If necessary, we have great relationships with specialty referral centers and work closely with them to manage these cases.

Our recommendations for diagnosis and treatment are always “patient first”. With difficult cases, we help our clients navigate issues such as cost, feasibility, patient comfort and some of the challenges associated with feline care (most cats do not appreciate multiple pills several times daily).

We have a modern and well-equipped surgical suite. Our staff veterinarians are all proficient with feline veterinary surgical procedures, and we have board certified surgeons available to perform more difficult or unusual procedures.

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