Cat Grooming

While cats are known for keeping themselves clean, they sometimes need our help. Our long-haired friends, such as Persians, Himalayans, and Maine Coon Cats, often get badly matted. We also see short-haired cats in need of a clean-up when they get fleas or simply just get dirty. Whatever your cat’s needs are, we provide the most comprehensive feline grooming services in the area.

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Cat Grooming

Before we opened, clients were often forced to have their cats groomed at multi-breed facilities that provided cat grooming – but emphasized grooming for dogs.

Long-haired, short-haired – even hairless, there are over 80 breeds of cats, and we’ve groomed them all.

Our new facility features a dedicated, modern grooming area with a cleaning station and high-tech, quiet dryers. We use only the finest grooming supplies and products that we’ve tested over the years. And, since we only groom cats, we know how to safely work with even the crankiest of kitties.

From the most complicated of Lion Cuts to a simple sanitary shave, you can rely on us for anything you need to keep your cat’s coat beautiful and clean. And remember, proper grooming not only reduces shedding and helps with hairballs, but it’s an important part of your cat’s health regimen.