Boarding Policies & Procedures

Please take the time to review our boarding policies and procedures. These have been developed using our years of experience and are designed for the comfort and safety of our guests. Our goal is to provide you and your cat with the best boarding experience possible. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have about any of the policies outlined below.

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Given the popularity of our boarding, we strongly recommend making a reservation in advance if you plan on being away. This will ensure that you are getting the accommodations you prefer.

You can check here for floor plans of our boarding facility. Note that room availability changes daily. Our Front Desk staff can advise you on what’s currently available and help you book your cat’s room.


For your convenience and to save time during check-in, you can complete our Boarding Form and bring it with you in preparation for your cat’s stay with us.

Contact Information

It’s important that you provide accurate and detailed information on how you can be reached if we need to contact you when you’re away. If you’re not available and you select an emergency contact in your absence, please make sure that they have your approval to make decisions on caring for your cat in the case of an emergency.


During check-in, you will be asked to review the details of your cats stay with us and this will be recorded on a Guest Information Form. The Guest Information Form outlines your instructions for diet and medication as well as any special care or behavioral issues we should be aware of.

Your Cat’s Stay With Us

After check-in, your cat will be examined for fleas and ticks, and if detected, these will be treated immediately at your expense.

While your cat is with us, we complete a Daily Boarding Report that starts with recording your cat’s weight at check-in and becomes an ongoing diary of your cat’s stay. The Daily Boarding Report is updated throughout the day and archives appetite, litter box use, and weight.

Our Boarding Attendants and Veterinary Technicians follow a very strict schedule and monitor our guests regularly. Any unusual observations or changes with your cat are brought to a veterinarian’s attention immediately.

We recognize that one of the reasons many of our client’s board with us is the additional safety we provide by having your cat observed regularly with trained professionals available should an illness develop. Our experience has shown that while most cats settle into their new environment here quickly (and our boarding area is designed to facilitate this process), some cats may have a decreased appetite for the first 24 hours. If we notice this, we will administer a safe, mild appetite stimulant at no charge. However, any cats showing signs of illness or who have not eaten in 36-48 hours will be examined by one of the veterinarians, and we will contact you immediately with our findings and recommendations.

You are responsible for any medical costs incurred while your cat is in our boarded care.

Health Requirements

All guests must be current with Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. If the vaccination was not administered at Just Cats, you will need to provide us with vaccination certificates, and we will keep this information in your cat’s boarding record.

Physical Examinations
Caring for your cat while you’re away is very important to us. All cats that board with us should have had a physical exam within the past 18 months.

If your cat was not examined at Just Cats, you will have to provide copies of your cat’s recent medical records so we can have an understanding of your cat’s health status.

If your cat has not been examined within the past 18 months, we will examine your cat here with your approval and at your expense. The findings from this exam will be provided to you at check-out.

Please understand that these requirements allow us to offer your cat the best medical supervision possible while boarding and help alleviate any concerns you could have while you’re away and your cat is under our care.


While boarding with us, our guests enjoy a premium diet of high-quality brands that include BFF and Dave’s canned and Royal Canin dry foods. We follow a strict schedule with feedings twice a day.

While the food we serve in boarding is excellent, you are welcome to bring the diet your cat is most accustomed to – especially if your cat has a history of stomach issues. Please calculate a few extra days for your stay to ensure that your cat will have enough food. If, for any reason, we should run out of the food you’ve brought from home, we will replace it from The Just Cats Store (if available) or with an outside resource at your expense.


If your cat is on medication, this will be administered following your instructions. These instructions will be included in your cat’s Boarding Report and recorded daily in the diary we maintain for your cat.

We encourage you to keep prescriptions in their original containers, which will confirm the correct medication and dosage.

There is a daily charge for administering medication.

Personal Items & Toys

We recognize your desire to bring items from home. Please note you should take into account the size and layout of your cat’s accommodations when deciding which items to bring.

For your cat’s safety, toys designed for interactive play, like wands and danglers, will not be left in their room.

Also, if you would like your cat to eat and drink out of the bowls you use at home, please understand that we do not allow glass or ceramic bowls in the boarding facility.

We cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged items. Please do not leave items with monetary or sentimental value.

Un-Neutered Males (“Tom Cats”)

For the comfort of our guests, unneutered male cats of age are not allowed in the boarding area. If boarding a non-neutered male is required, they will be housed in an area isolated from our other guests where we will have better control of odor issues.

If the presence of an unneutered male cat is detected in boarding, the cat will be moved from boarding to an area isolated from our other guests, and you will be responsible for the increased charges for this move.

Additional Boarding Services

We find that many clients like the convenience of having us perform certain services while their cat is staying with us. Our Front Desk staff will discuss your options during check-in.

Check-In Times

Check-in times are flexible based on availability. Please call in advance.

We welcome clients to you to accompany their cats to their accommodations after check-in.